Family Planning

When you choose family planning counseling in Mount Pleasant, SC, from our compassionate OB/GYN doctors, you will be given options for birth control/contraceptives, pregnancy options counseling, and counseling for expecting mothers with fetal anomalies, or who may need a C section.

With the plethora of birth control options available, choosing contraceptives that are right for you can be a tough decision. When you choose Lowcountry OBGYN for planning contraception, you will benefit from a team of doctors who know all about the birth control available and how each option works. A few of the contraceptives currently available include:

  • Birth control pill
  • Condoms
  • Implant in upper arm
  • Hormonal contraceptive ring
  • Intrauterine Device (IUD)

If you are looking for a women's healthcare provider located in Mount Pleasant, SC, you have found the right office. Contact our medical center to schedule an appointment with our obstetrician who can discuss your options for birthing, contraceptives, and more with you.