At the very least, a sports injury can be inconvenient or uncomfortable for an athlete, but at the very worst, a sports injury can end an athletic career or have lifelong effects on the athlete’s health. This is why our sports medicine physicians are committed to providing our patients with the education and treatment they need to reduce the risk of suffering an injury while playing their sport or exercising.

Playing a sport or consistently exercising can be physically demanding and requires skill, agility, and flexibility. Athletes at all levels are at a risk for injuries, which is why it is important to take steps to prevent them. Our orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants can help athletes with multiple aspects of their conditioning and training schedules, focusing on strategies that help to prevent injuries. This includes:

  • Pre-season conditioning including strength and flexibility training
  • Implementing gradual changes in training strategies
  • Warm up strategies for before all training sessions and competitions
  • Slowly increasing intensity and length of training sessions
  • Learning and utilizing proper techniques

If an athlete does experience symptoms of an injury, they should see their orthopedic doctor right away for treatment to help ensure a speedy recovery and to avoid making the injury worse. Untreated injuries can develop into more severe conditions that result in a longer period of time away from sports or exercise, or even a lifelong condition requiring continual treatment or affecting the athlete’s ability to optimally play their sport.

Before beginning your athletic training regimen, come see one of our knowledgeable and dedicated orthopedic surgeons and physician assistants for athletic injury prevention services. Call us at (843) 936-0715 to schedule an appointment today.