Peroneal tendon injuries affect many athletes, especially runners. The sports medicine team at Southern Orthopedics and Sports Medicine can provide treatment for peroneal tendon injuries in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina so that you can get back to the athletic activities you love!

Runners and other athletes may experience acute or chronic peroneal tendon injuries. This injury affects the tough bands of tissue in the foot that connect muscle to bone. There are two peroneal tendons in each foot that run parallel to each other behind the outer ankle bone. One tendon attaches to the exterior of the midfoot by the little toe, while the other tendon goes beneath the foot and attaches close to the inside of the arch of the foot.

Injury to the peroneal tendon can occur as a result of improper or rapid increases in training, or overuse in sports or activities that involve repetitive ankle motion. It can also occur because of poor-fitting shoes, and athletes with higher arches or inward-turned heels may be at a higher risk of developing a peroneal tendon injury.

Symptoms of a peroneal tendon injury may include:

  • Pain in the lower leg or ankle
  • Swelling
  • Weakness in the foot or ankle
  • Instability in the foot or ankle
  • Being warm to the touch
  • A popping sound at the time of injury

If left untreated, peroneal tendon injuries can lead to worsened pain, increased foot and ankle instability, tendon rupture, or movement of the tendons from their normal position. Treatment for this injury may be non-surgical or surgical, depending on its severity. When you see our orthopedic team at Southern Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we will examine your peroneal tendon injury in Mount Pleasant or Charleston and develop a plan for treatment. Call us today at (843) 936-0715 to schedule an appointment.