Shoulder instability, or shoulder dislocation, is common with athletes who frequently experience collisions, such as wrestlers or football players, or athletes who perform repeated overhead motions in sports such as baseball, tennis, volleyball, or swimming. The orthopedics team at Southern Orthopedics and Sports Medicine provides treatment for shoulder instability in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, South Carolina so that you can regain use of your shoulder and reduce the risk of future injuries.

When the shoulder joint becomes loose and leaves the socket, shoulder instability occurs. The more frequently this dislocation occurs, the more unstable the shoulder becomes. This condition can also be the result of prior shoulder injuries, overuse, or genetic conditions. Regardless of the cause, our sports medicine specialists can provide a diagnosis and proper treatment.

Diagnostic tests will be used to determine the cause of the shoulder instability and to see how extensive it is. Depending on the severity of the injury, shoulder instability patients may or may not require surgical treatment. The extent of the injury is classified based on the degree of extra movement in the shoulder, how often instability occurs, the tissues that are affected, and the direction in which the shoulder becomes unstable.

Shoulder stabilization surgery can be used to repair or tighten loose or damaged tissues. Restriction of movement, a non-surgical option, can be used to help the shoulder muscles and tendons recover, along with physical therapy to prevent stiffness and restore range of motion and ice and medication to manage pain and swelling.

You should seek medical care as soon as possible in the event of a suspected shoulder instability or other injury, because prolonged time without treatment can make the condition more difficult to fix. Whatever the cause and extent of your shoulder instability injury in Mount Pleasant or Charleston, the skilled and dedicated team at Southern Orthopedics and Sports Medicine can provide diagnosis and treatment to help you get back to your active lifestyle! Call us today at (843) 936-0715 to schedule an appointment.