Immunizations are an important part of keeping ourselves healthy, as well as keeping those around us healthy. The compassionate and attentive physicians and staff at High Tide Internal Medicine are proud to provide vaccinations that protect your health. We can also make sure you stay in compliance with the shots required by your school or employer, or those that are required to travel to certain destinations.

For Children

There is a wide range of recommended and required vaccinations that children should receive from birth through adolescence. These immunizations help children develop immunity to disease, and also helps to protect their peers. Children who are in high-risk groups due to particular health conditions may also have additional – or different – required immunizations and immunization schedules in order to best maintain their health. Annual flu vaccinations are also recommended beginning at 6 months of age.

For Young Adults

After the age of 18, young adults will require various vaccines or boosters. If the patient is attending college and planning to live in communal housing, they may be required to show proof of specific immunizations before they are permitted to move into their dormitory or apartment. Annual flu vaccinations are also recommended.

For Adults

While not as many immunizations are needed for adults, there are still vaccines that are recommended at certain intervals. A yearly flu vaccine is recommended, as well as a tetanus booster every 10 years, and older adults may be advised to receive vaccinations against pneumococcal disease or shingles.

While guidelines exist for most children, young adults, and adults, everyone’s immunization needs will vary. Your healthcare provider at High Tide Internal Medicine can work with you to determine your immunization needs, and provide you with vaccines as required. Call us at (843) 580-7206 to schedule an exam where you can go over your immunization needs.