Laceration Repairs

When you suffer an injury that results in a laceration, the experienced and caring physicians at High Tide Internal Medicine can provide you with laceration repair. Rather than having to visit an unfamiliar emergency room or walk-in clinic, count on your regular physician for outpatient laceration surgery that gets you treated quickly and well on your way to healing.

Lacerations should be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible. Our physicians can treat superficial lacerations, though wounds that are in cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face or hands, or that are extremely deep, may need to be treated by a specialist. Expeditious care of lacerations is crucial for avoiding infection and reducing, or even eliminating, scarring from the wound. While minor cuts can be cared for at home with antibiotic ointment and a sterile bandage, there are some wounds that need to be cared for by a medical professional. You should seek medical care for lacerations that are:

  • Deep or showing muscle, fat, or bone
  • Filled with dirt or debris
  • Bleeding after 15 minutes of applied pressure
  • Jagged with uneven edges
  • Located at or near a joint, or on your hand or foot
  • At risk of leaving a severe scar

Patients who have diabetes or poor blood pressure should also seek professional medical treatment of lacerations because these conditions can slow down healing or increase the risk of infection.

Lacerations may also require antibiotics or a tetanus shot after they have been sutured, and patients should monitor the wound and their body for signs of infection such as redness, inflammation, fluid or pus drainage, red streaks on the skin, or chills and fever. If there are signs of an infection after your laceration has been treated, call your healthcare provider immediately.

The caring medical staff at High Tide Internal Medicine will treat your laceration quickly in a setting that is comfortable and familiar so that you can heal and get back to your regular routine. Call us at (843) 580-7206 to schedule an appointment for outpatient surgery services including laceration repair.