Grief, Stress, and Psychological Counseling

The same physician that you trust and feel comfortable with for your annual physicals, illness treatment, and more can also provide you with grief, stress, and psychological counseling. If you are in need of mental health counseling, our physicians at High Tide Internal Medicine can provide compassionate and understanding treatment.

Having good mental health is just as important as good physical health, and both mental and physical health are connected to one another. With this in mind, our doctors are dedicated to giving our patients the most comprehensive care possible, which includes mental health counseling. Everyone deals with grief and stress in their lifetime, and many patients will experience some type of psychological health issue at some point as well. Our physicians have the experience and training to provide you with treatment for these conditions.

An added benefit of seeing your regular doctor for mental health counseling is their familiarity with your medical history and you as a patient. A physician who is accustomed to treating you can recognize changes in your behavior, or events in your medical history that could have an impact on how you feel emotionally. Seeking mental health counseling from the same healthcare provider who also treats your physical ailments also allows them to identify any medications you are taking that could be impacting your psychological wellbeing, and they may be able to adjust or change your medication accordingly. By having this familiarity with you as their patient, your healthcare provider can treat both your physical and mental ailments for the most comprehensive care possible.

The same physicians at our practice who are dedicated to treating your physical conditions can also provide you with grief, stress, and psychological counseling. Contact High Tide Internal Medicine to schedule an appointment for you or a member of your family so that we can begin the process of treating all aspects of your wellbeing.